Jesse Larson’s story

“Every time we use Jesse's lift
I think of you and the foundation!
Thank you so much!!”

— Peggy Larson


Her family could no longer carry her down the stairs.

Jesse Larson
Age: 16
Condition: Global delay along with cerebral palsy

Since birth, Jesse has had to deal with a rare condition known as global delay along with cerebral palsy. A disease that affects motor skills, the ability to walk and requires her to eat through a feeding tube. As Jesse was getting older and harder to hold, her family could no longer carry her down the stairs to get her into her wheelchair to go to school or anywhere. Paulette and the Spring Lake Toys Foundation came to the rescue. They helped install a lift that safely and carefully brings Jesse and her wheelchair up the stairs, so she can be rolled into the house—a momentous change for Jesse and her family’s daily lives.

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