Jax’s story

“This foundation gave us the
biggest gift anyone can give to the
parents of disabled children: HOPE.”

— Bella Karacsony


Jax was able to undergo a life-changing surgery.

Age: 6
Condition: Cerebral Palsy

Jax was born with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that impacts his body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, reflexes and balance. Thanks to the extremely generous and selfless Spring Lake Toys Foundation donation of $10,000, Jax was able to receive a crucial, life changing surgery in Texas, followed by the “best-in-the-country” rehabilitation in NAPA, Boston, along with leg braces made in Long Island, NY. Since then, Jax has made amazing progress, and keeps getting stronger everyday. His quality of life has improved tremendously including his ability to walk, and there’s so much more to hope for!

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