Board of Advisors

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Michael P. Meliti, Esq.

Partner, Guaglardi & Meliti, LLP

A Bergen County attorney of 23 years, Mike Meliti is a partner and owner of the law firm of Guaglardi & Meliti, LLP, located in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. He brings to our Board a wealth of experience and knowledge stemming from a diverse practice area. The G&M firm practices in all areas of New Jersey and New York and has a built a reputation based upon the firm’s versatility and willingness to adapt to every client from the individual to the corporation. Mike is an aggressive advocate and litigator for a wide array of clients, including matters involving Family Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, and Estate Law. He also has extensive personal relationships that he has fostered through his practice as well as his volunteer and charitable endeavors. These include involvement in church and community committees and boards, coaching in youth sports, and chairing the school board of a local private school. Contributing to his community and giving back to those in need are ingrained in Mike’s background and upbringing. He is a husband and father first and is happy to bring his compassion and desire to help others to the Spring Lake Toys Foundation.

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